Wildcat football players make annual donation to Boys and Girls Club of Alpena

The Alpena High School football season ended over a week ago and head coach Eric Mitchell and his Wildcats are already preparing for next season, hoping for work to be put in during the offseason so changes can be made for the next Alpena High football season.
Despite not making the playoffs, the Wildcats are making plays off the field.
On Wednesday, members of the Alpena football team once again, spent time giving back to their community.
In partnership with Doug Field and the team at Vulcan Systems of Oscoda, members of the Alpena High football team earned the Vulcan Systems Player of the Game awarded each contest during True North Radio Network live broadcasts on 107.7 The Bay, chosen by the Wildcat football broadcast team of Doc Z and the JT Pepper.
These player of the game honorees made their biggest play of the season by giving back and presenting a $750 check to the Boys and Girls Club of Alpena.
“We have kids that start right here at the Boys and Girls Club of Alpena. To have a program like this is so important to every town and I’m happy that our athletes get a chance to give back to a place where they started,” Alpena football coach Eric Mitchell said. “It’s awesome what our athletes are able to do with the help of Vulcan Systems. I think it helps grow our sports across the board.
This is the third consecutive year that Vulcan Systems Player of the Game members have donated their time with Boys and Girls Club of Alpena members and seventh time an Alpena varsity team has presented a check.
The Alpena varsity hockey and football teams have combined to donate $2,550 in the past three years to the Boys and Girls Club of Alpena in their ongoing partnership with the Vulcan Systems’ Player of the Game award. This year, Vulcan Systems and the Alpena football Player of the Games upped their donation and challenge, donating an additional $250 to the Boys and Girls Club of Alpena with the $750 check.
“Any kind of donation helps what we can do here at the club with the resources we have. To have this partnership with Vulcan Systems and the Alpena football and hockey teams is special because we have the student-athletes come here and inspire our young students and showing them what it takes to be a student-athlete and to give back to the community,” Alpena Boys and Girls Club Director Brad Somers said. “These kids are seeing first hand when someone chooses to do good and to help our younger generation is so inspiring. This is such a special partnership and we are so blessed to have Vulcan Systems and the Wildcat athletes continue what has grown into an incredible partnership.”
Along with donating checks and gift certificates, the Alpena Wildcat student-athletes have donated their time, being role models for club members in hopes of accomplishing the mission of the True North Radio Network Vulcan Systems Player of the Game donation which is building a better tomorrow for future winners.