How does APS make snow day decisions?


The decision to close school includes several important factors.

On evenings when road conditions are the concern, the Superintendent of Alpena Public Schools and Transportation Director get in their cars at 3A.M. to drive on several of the most challenging roads around the county to check the conditions.

Our goal is to predict what conditions will be like at the time students are picked up and dropped off for the coming school day.

Weather radar reports from the National Weather Service are reviewed, and there is consultation with the Alpena County Road Commission. There are also calls with Superintendents from the surrounding counties.  Then an informed decision is made utilizing all the information from these sources.

On the rare occasion when conditions change drastically it may require a late closure call or an early dismissal.

When temperature is the question, similar consultation occurs. There is no district policy listing an automatic temperature that results in closure. The general temperature expectation for closure is a sustained -25 degree wind chill.

We provide Facebook, School Messenger and radio updates on bus delays as an attempt to avoid prolonged exposure to cold temperatures for our students.

Frostbite is always a concern, and the risk is calculated using wind speed/air temperature and time of exposure. Each of these factors can vary greatly across our large district coverage area.

We would like to remind our families that YOU are the best judge of the conditions at your individual location. As a parent, it is your right to decide if it is safe for your child to attend based on your individual situation. Please call the school to excuse your child if you decide it isn’t safe for them to attend.

Families that keep their child home should be sure to find out about work that was missed and make it up like they would for any absence.