COVID-19/lack of teachers forces Thunder Bay Jr. High to transition to remote learning

COVID-19 and/or related proper protococl has caused a teacher shortage at Thunder Bay Junior High School, forcing a temporary change from face-to-face to remote learning.

Alpena Public Schools informed parents Sunday that the school would be closed Monday, and today sent out another message that the Junior High will be closed for the remainder of the week, and students will start a remote learning program Tuesday that will continue at least through Friday.

“Until COVID-19 becomes an illness that does not require close contacts to quarantine, APS will continue to struggle to maintain appropriate staffing numbers,” the district released in a statement.

At this time, APS expects kids to return to the classroom next Monday. A remote learning schedule can be viewed below.

APS employees are now required to wear a mask to school. The district continues to strongly encourage students to do the same.

1st Hour: 7:25 – 7:50am
2nd Hour: 7:55 – 8:48am
3rd Hour: 8:53 – 9:46am
4th Hour: 9:51 – 10:44am
Lunch: 10:49 – 11:19am
5th Hour: 11:24 – 12:24pm
6th Hour: 12:29 – 1:22pm
7th Hour: 1:27 – 2:20pm