County hires local firm for advising on $5.5M from American Rescue Plan

Alpena County Commissioners this week, voted unanimously to hire a local company to help guide it through the process of spending approximately $5.52 million in American Rescue Plan funding.

The firm will help commissioners with assessing projects, expending the funds and reporting expenditures back to the federal government.

Two firms from outside the area submitted professional proposals to the county, but in the end, commissioners chose Alpena firm Straley, Lamp and Kraenzlein to perform the work. With the exception of being a local company, the commissioner’s decision was based on cost and not merit. The vote this week, was done without receiving formal presentations from the three firms.

Straley, Lamp and Kraenzlein will be paid by the hour, between $70 and $175 depending on the level of expertise needed to perform each duty.

Meanwhile, commissioners are still considering projects and accepting ideas on how to spend the money. Projects are expected to be discussed in more detail in September.