UPDATE: Alpena’s new jail & old jail

A total of 13 inmates of the Montmorency County Jail were transported to Alpena earlier this month, and are now being housed inside the local jail off Johnson Street.

Alpena County will be paid $250,000 annually for the first three years of a 10-year contract to house up to 15 inmates from Montmorency County. The contract amount will be adjusted by the cost of living after the third year.

The jail in Montmorency County is now empty. Officials there say the jail closing will save the county money. In the meantime, Alpena Sheriff Steve Kieliszewski said the department is processing one application from a Montmorency County corrections officer, and is waiting for others to apply. He is also confident the new jail will be housing all inmates sometime in mid to late August.

Alpena Commissioners Tuesday, also discussed moving forward with the sale of the old jail property. A committee is expected to decide how the property will be sold, by issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) or through an auction. A decision also needs to be made on whether to sell the remaining contents of the building or include it in the sale of the property.

The committee is also expected to establish a timeframe for the entire process. The full board of commissioners may discuss their options when they meet August 31.