APS to use COVID funding to replace carpet in all Ella White classrooms

Alpena Public Schools (APS) has decided to spend some of the COVID-19 relief money it has received from the federal government to replace carpeting in all classroom at Ella White Elementary School.

The project included the removal of asbestos tiles that lie under the old carpet.

In a media release, the district said the project was not included in the renovation plan for Ella White, but was added “due to the deteriorated condition of the carpeting covering the asbestos tiles.”

The asbestos abatement and removal of carpeting will be completed in August; and the new hard flooring will be installed when students and staff are not in the building. The cost of the improvements will not be known until bids come in.

Construction projects currently ongoing at Ella White are on track to be completed by the beginning of the new academic year on August 30.