DHD#4 encourages parents to speak with doctors about COVID-19 vaccine for children

District Health Department No. 4 is encouraging parents to speak with their doctors or healthcare providers about vaccinating children ages 12 and older for COVID-19 prior to the start of the new school year.

It takes five weeks to become fully vaccinated against the virus so parents are also encouraged to set a timeline in the near future. A second dose is needed three weeks after the first, and then it takes another two weeks to become fully vaccinated.

“Currently, vaccination is the best tool we have to protect ourselves and those around us from COVID-19. This is also true for children 12 years and older,” said Devin Spivey, Community Health Director and Epidemiologist for District Health Department No. 4. “Under current guidelines, fully vaccinated children exposed to a COVID-19 positive person would not be recommended to quarantine unless they begin to show symptoms. As we start a new school year, this could mean less disruption for families and peace of mind for parents who have children that participate in extracurricular activities such as sports or band.”

Parents can make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination by contacting DHD#4 at 800-221-0294.