Use policy sets rules, fees for city-owned parks & properties

The Alpena Municipal Council has formally adopted a new use policy that sets standards, requirements and fees for the use or rental of city-owned parks or other properties for activities, special events and gatherings.

It also covers the use permit process and other things such as sound equipment, alcoholic beverages, signage, permit denials and much more.

Councilman Mike Nowak approved of the new policy but wanted two things removed prior to a vote this week. “Large picnics” and “family” gatherings were removed from the document. Nowak noted that his family and others could be considered “large,” and he didn’t feel they should be subject to a permit if they decided to meet at a park for a picnic, for example. If a family wanted to secure a pavilion for a picnic, however, they would be required to obtain permission.

The new fee schedule takes effect on July 1, the start of the city’s new fiscal year. The updated use policy takes effect October 1. A proposed application fee and street closure fee will be brought back to council at a later date.

Fee increases were approved for a number of venues including the pavilion at Starlite Beach, gatherings at Culligan Plaza, and the use of tennis or basketball courts at Bayview Park. There are also a number of new fees.