Court gives City/Township 6 months to review water & sewer lawsuit materials

The City and Charter Township of Alpena have both been given six months to go through materials that are part of a water and sewer lawsuit that goes all the way back to August 2014.

The city sued the township at that time for refusing to pay higher water and sewer rates passed along to all customers.

In late March, the Michigan Supreme Court denied the Township’s application to appeal a lower court’s ruling in the case. In 2018, during trial, the local court ruled there was no binding water and sewer rate agreement reached between the city and township, a ruling the township appealed.

Now that the high court has upheld that ruling, the two sides are essentially at square one and need to decide how to proceed. Judge Ed Black of the 26th Circuit Court Monday, gave both parties an initial six months to figure that out.

The court case may mean little to nothing in the end as the two sides continue closed door discussions over forming a water and sewer authority. Neither side is releasing any information on those talks.