Huron Pines replacing culvert under Kurtz Creek in Alcona Co.

The nonprofit environmental organization Huron Pines has started its first river restoration project of the year, on Kurtz Creek in Alcona County.

The group says a severely undersized culvert at the intersection of Kurtz Creek and Kimberlin Road is being replaced with a much larger culvert that will allow the creek to flow naturally through the crossing, virtually eliminating any risk of a future washout.

The old culvert was approximately 3 feet wide and is being replaced with one that is 14 feet wide and 9 feet high. The old culvert was causing issues with erosion and preventing upstream passage of fish and other river organisms. The project will reconnect approximately 5.8 miles of quality cold-water trout habitat upstream from Kimberlin Road.

“Kurtz Creek flows through a lot of well-forested public land and is a top-tier stream with wild brook trout,” said senior project manager Josh Leisen. “The site has been a priority for the Alcona County Road Commission and for resource biologists for years and it’s great to finally have the site restored.”

The project area is located southeast of Glennie. The work is being funded by the US Forest Service and Walters Family Foundation, with in-kind contributions from the local road commission.