APS to award building renovation contracts before end of month

The board of education for Alpena Public Schools is expected to award contracts for building renovations before the end of the month.

The district and its construction manager received bids Thursday, for improvements to Besser, Lincoln and Wilson elementary schools. Officials are still making their way through the bidders but noted during a board of education subcommittee meeting Monday, that all bids received were within established budgets for each school.

The improvements will be implemented in two phases. Phase one includes approximately $1.42 million in renovations for Besser; $859,000 for Lincoln and $1.17 million for Wilson. The majority of the funds will be spent on a roof for Besser, security, lighting and site improvements for Lincoln, and a roof and security upgrades at Wilson.

The work is expected to get underway in spring and continue through the summer months.

The full board of education is expected to approve bids when it meets on Monday, January 25.

Some design changes to Ella White school caused a delay in sending out bid specs for that building, but superintendent David Rabbideau expects the work at Ella White to also start in the spring or summer. Ella White is receiving extensive renovations totaling about $7.54 million.

All of the projects will be paid for through a voter-approved bond issue that will raise approximately $33.9 million; and includes improvements and renovations at all nine APS school buildings.