City reminds residents of ordinance regulating signs


The Building Department has received numerous complaints over the past several weeks on the placement, and amount of yard signs in the residential zoning district.

The City Zoning Ordinance places limits on the amount, size, and placement of signs on structures and properties within the City Limits.

Residentially zoned lots are limited to three (3) temporary signs on the property, none of which may exceed four (4) square feet in size. A residential wall sign is limited to two (2) square feet.  Any sign placed in a window that can be seen from the street counts as a wall sign.

Flags, whether they are country, state or message flags are not regulated when displayed properly on a pole. Flags hanging against the wall of a building, and/or attached to anything other than a pole exceed the allowed two (2) square feet.

Signs may not be placed between the sidewalk and curb on City right of way.

If you are in violation of the ordinance, you may receive a green door hanger informing you of that and setting a time limit to correct the situation. If not corrected in the allotted time then the signs may be removed, or a citation to appear in court may be issued.

Questions may be directed to Donald Gilmet, City Building Official at 989.354.1761 or via email at [email protected]