City Hall elevator shaft fills with water due to high water table level

Heavy rains this spring and summer have raised the water table level around the Alpena area, which is causing some troubles at City Hall.

It was recently discovered that the elevator shaft at city hall has filled up with, and is maintaining, approximately 8 inches of water. Under a state regulation that elevator cannot be used until the problems are corrected.

Beginning Monday, the elevator will be out of service as crews make repairs. The city is spending nearly $7,900 on the work and another nearly $8,800 to have a required inspector on site for the duration of the job.

Crews will first clean out all remaining water from the shaft, and then waterproof it to keep the problem from reoccurring.

The project is expected to be completed within three days. Anyone who needs access to the city hall elevator during this time should call 354-1720.