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Make sure your mailbox is ready for winter

Submitted by on November 13, 2019 – 12:30 amNo Comment

It appears the winter season is upon us, with heavy snows already blanketing parts of northern Michigan.

The Alpena County Road Commission is asking rural residents to make sure their mailboxes are ready for the season.

Residents should make sure their mailbox is securely attached to a post and that the post is not damaged or decayed. Install a “snow board” immediately before the mailbox to take the impact of plowed snow and prevent it from hitting your mailbox. Make sure the door of the mailbox is situated a minimum of 12 inches behind the plow line or edge of road shoulder; and always keep snow cleared away from your mailbox so the post office can deliver your mail.

A copy of the suggested snow board installation and clearing may be obtained at the road commission office off Bagley Street.

Under the road commission’s policy, only mailboxes and posts that are damaged by a direct hit from a road commission plow truck will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Mailboxes damaged by snow thrown by a plow will not be repaired or replaced.