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Commissioners approve resolution for longer term limits

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Alpena County Commissioners have signed onto a resolution that would extend the term of commissioners in Michigan, from two to four years.

Commissioner John Kozlowski brought the resolution up during Tuesday’s full board meeting. It was approved unanimously.

“It took me two years just to learn how the process worked,” said Kozlowski. “So yes this is something I think is needed and I support it.”

The resolution states that two-year terms for commissioners were established in 1966. It notes that the scope of duties of

commissioners has increased dramatically since that time, in many areas; and that Michigan is one of only five states that has two-year terms for commissioners.

There are currently bills in both the state House and Senate that would increase commissioner terms to four years. Commissioner Dave Karschnick said the legislation could come before voters as early as 2020. If that was the case, he said it would be imposed starting in 2022.

Although commissioners serve two-year terms, there is no limit on the number of terms they can run for or serve.