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Alpena Co. & APS to receive 50% of all Youth & Rec funding for 2020

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The two largest benefactors of the voter-approved Youth and Recreation millage in 2020 would be Alpena County and Alpena Public Schools, under a list of recommendations released Tuesday.

The county would receive nearly $156,000 or 28.3 percent of the total recommended allocation of $550,743. APS would receive nearly $121,000 or 21.9 percent of the total. The two entities combined would receive over half of the entire amount for 2020.

In addition, it appears the county’s discussions with the Youth and Recreation committee about approving more money for the group managing Northern Lights Arena, a county-owned facility, paid off. Northern Lights Arena Community (NLAC) is set to receive nearly $55,000, including $19,300 for “maintenance support.”

Nearly $48,000 is headed to the arts community. Friends of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary is scheduled to receive $57,040 for matching dollars needed on a nearly $4 million grant for a park and outdoor area next to the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center.

The list of grantees was approved by the Youth and Recreation Committee, and now must be adopted by county commissioners, which typically occurs with little to no discussion.

A complete list of the recommendations can be viewed below.


Thunder Bay Trails Association 5,500 Youth X-Country Skiing equip.

County of Alpena – Plaza Pool 8,500 Ready, Set, Swim Program

County of Alpena – MSU Extention 40,000 Youth Programming – 4H

County of Alpena – Beaver Lake Park 15,970 Bathhouse Renovation

Park Family Foundation 9,500 Ready, Set, Snap Program

Friends of Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary 57,040 Recreation area

MPAC – Northern Lights Arena 12,650 Open Skating Support

Friends of Alpena Farmers Market 3,000 Youth Programming (Kids day)

Sanborn Township – Park 10,528 Handicap Roll-up Sidewalk

Alpena Hockey Association 6,300 Player Cost Reduction

County of Alpena – Plaza Pool 86,313 Aquatic Operations

Alpena Public Schools – The Woods Track Club 1,058 Supplies (shirts & hats)

Thunder Bay Martial Arts 3,000 Women’s Self defense Training

Thunder Bay Theatre 18,500 Educational Tour

Boys and Girls Club of Alpena 12,500 Triple Play – Mind, Body, Soul

County of Alpena 5,000 Handicap Swings at Parks

MPAC – Northern Lights Arena 23,000 Curling

Thunder Bay Schooners Swim Club 11,000 Pool Time and meet fees

Northeast MI Center for Fine Arts 21,250 Ready, Set, Create

Alpena Community College – Cross Country 2,500 Operating Support

Alpena Figure Skating Club 5,000 Operating Support

Alpena Public Schools – AHS – KAPUT 18,375 Support

Alpena Public Schools – AHS – Volleyball 2,550 Transportation

Alpena Public Schools – TBJHS 13,280 Athletic Outreach Program

Alpena Hockey Association 1,798 Learn to Skate Program

Alpena Public Schools – AHS Line Drive Club 2,000 Transportation

Alpena Public Schools – AHS Robotics 30,750 Support

Thunder Bay Martial Arts 7,500 Scholarships

Alpena Gymnastics, Inc. 1,810 40 foot tumble track and landing mat

Alpena Public Schools – AHS Basketball 7,500 Boys and Girls support

Friends of Plaza Pool 5,075 Programming and support

Girls Scouts of MI 17,500 Camp Renovations

Alpena Community College 2,071 Ropes Course

Alpena Public Schools – AHS Band 10,000 Band Instruments

Thunder Bay Theatre 8,125 Annual Productions

Alpena Public Schools – Track Replacement 35,000 Match funds for track at TBJHS

Sanborn Elementary School 10,000 Playground

MPAC – Northern Lights Arena 19,300 Maint. Support