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Skaluba takes stand, calls alleged victims “liars”

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Nicholas Skaluba took the stand in his own defense Friday morning, in a weeklong trial that ended shortly before noon.

Closing arguments by the attorneys were held after lunch and lasted 2.5 hours.  The jury was expected to start deliberating before 5 p.m.

Skaluba is accused of sexually assaulting a 19 year-old and a 16 year-old at underage drinking parties on back-to-back nights in late July, 2016.  He is also accused of slipping Xanax into their drinks. 

During his testimony, Skaluba denied having sex with both alleged victims, and said he didn’t sexually assault them and he didn’t slip Xanax into their drinks.

He did, however, admit having an interest in both girls, being heavily intoxicated during both parties, and ingesting Xanax himself, at both parties.

He also said that a couple of the most damaging text messages between himself and the victims, one with each of them, were both meant for a different girl.  Those messages were sent after the parties and as both victims were attempting to put the pieces together to find out what happened after they “blacked out.”  The victims also wanted to know if Skaluba had sex with them.

Prosecutor Ed Black ended his cross examination by asking Skaluba, “So are you calling the victims liars?” 

“Yes I am,” he said.    

During closing argument Black touched on each of the witnesses and their role in the case.  He once again called Skaluba “the hunter” and the victims “his prey.”  Neither girl was able to find her panties after the parties and Black referred to those undergarments as “…his (Skaluba) trophies.” 

Defense attorney Dan White reminded the jury there is no direct evidence that Skaluba sexually assaulted either girl, and that all the evidence is circumstantial.  He also said his client has taken all the blame for all of the issues that arose from the parties, while others, such as Thompson Hein and Shane Dawson received proffer agreements and basically a free pass.

One of the victims says both Hein and Dawson sexually assaulted her as well.  Dawson was also the one who held the underage parties and the one who allegedly purchased the Xanax for Skaluba. 

Skaluba is charged with two counts each of criminal sexual conduct first and third degree, and two counts of delivery of a controlled substance to commit criminal sexual conduct. 

He faces any number of years up to life in prison if convicted.