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Eight more witnesses testify in Skaluba case, Including Dawson & Hein

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Eight more witnesses testified on behalf of the prosecution Wednesday, on day three of the trial of the People versus Nicholas Skaluba of Alpena.

Skaluba is accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls at back-to-back underage drinking parties in late July, 2016.

The day started off with the testimony of who may have been one of the best witnesses of the day for the prosecution, a friend of the 16 year-old alleged victim, who also attended one of the parties.

She testified that she saw Skaluba carry her friend out of one bedroom and into another. At one point, she saw Skaluba lying in bed naked, next to the victim, who was only wearing a bra. She couldn’t remember what Hein was wearing, even though she admitted leaving the victim in the room, alone with both young men. All of them were heavily intoxicated at the time.

On cross examination, the same witness admitted she could not remember some events of the night, and the defense was able to prove some parts of her testimony were inaccurate.

Shane Dawson – who hosted the parties, and Thompson “Tommy” Hein – who also allegedly sexually assaulted the same victim, also took the stand. But they were also heavily intoxicated and both of them had also been doing drugs, so they also had trouble recounting events of the party. Dawson, who the victim claims also sexually assaulted her, denied that claim. He also said Skaluba told him he had sex with the older victim and said he used Xanax to get her into bed.

Hein said that in a group text earlier in the day, Skaluba said he was going to give girls Xanax at the party so he could have sex with them. Hein said he didn’t take the comment seriously.

At this point in the trial, none of the witnesses saw Skaluba put Xanax or any other drug into his drinks or the victim’s drinks.

The prosecution is expected to rest sometime on Thursday.