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City to spend $215K to replace water valves

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The City of Alpena is spending more than $200,000 this summer, to replace or repair broken, leaking or failed water valves throughout town.

The valves are underground and control water flow to specific areas so service can be turned on or off for repairs.

Without them, service would be turned off to the entire city when a repair is needed.

The city is targeting 40 valves for repair or replacement at a cost of $215,800. The money is budgeted for.

MacArthur Construction of Hillman was the only bidder on the project.

City Engineer Rich Sullenger recently told the municipal council that as water valves are repaired or replaced they are being added to a list of valves that will be tested annually. He said some of the valves are so old, and have sat dormant for so long, they would likely fail immediately if turned. He wants to make sure that doesn’t happen with newly installed or repaired valves.