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Alleged victims testify against Skaluba

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It was an emotional day of testimony in the case of the People versus Nickolas Skaluba of Alpena Tuesday, with five witnesses testifying – including both alleged victims.

Skaluba is charged with sexually assaulting the victims after they blacked out and were unable to give consent.

The girls were ages 16 and 19 at the time of the July, 2016 parties, which were hosted by Shane Dawson. They both have similar accounts in that they drank alcoholic beverages served by Skaluba, and at some point in the night both “blacked out” and have little to no recollection of what happened next.

Both victims became emotional as they recounted the events of the parties, which occurred on back-to-back nights. The older one doesn’t remember anything after she blacked out and awoke in the morning in a bed next to Skaluba. It was only throughout the following day that she was able to piece events together.

Victim two has a better recollection of what occurred after she blacked out as she came in and out throughout the night. She remembers being sexually assaulted by Dawson, who was only charged with providing alcohol to minors; Hein, who accepted a plea deal and spent 90 days in jail; and Skaluba.

The defense was able to poke some holes in the prosecution’s case and there is still no clear evidence to prove the girls were drugged. In fact, the younger victim had her blood drawn 24 hours after the alleged attack and that came back negative for Xanax, the drug Skaluba allegedly slipped into the girl’s drink or drinks.

The defense painted the alleged victims as willing participants in the sexual activities, although they both strongly deny that accusation and both claim the sex was not consensual.

The other three witnesses Tuesday, were friends of the 19 year-old victim and had also attended the party.

Dawson and Hein are expected to testify against Skaluba, their former friend, before the end of the trial.