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I Wanna go to the Grammys

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Congratulations to Sheila Zwolinski for being our big winner in the “I Wanna go to the Grammys” Games on Thursday night, February 2nd, at Sneakers in the Holiday Inn of Alpena!

See pictures from the competition by clicking here!


You are invited to the Grammy Games party!

Our twelve on-air qualifiers have been chosen,  and we have randomly selected our 8 remaining finalists from the 107.7 the Bay Texting Club. The lucky finalists are:

  • Julie Haske of Ossineke

    All 20 of our finalists will receive this "Think Spring" party pack from Budweiser!

  • Kari Bade of Alpena
  • Joni Srebnik of Alpena
  • Penny Nolan of Lachine
  • Julie Patterson of Posen
  • Tara Roe of Hubbard Lake
  • Ron Hillman of Alpena
  • Ashley Kassin of Glennie
  • Lindsay Crevier or Ossineke
  • Sarah Schaedig of Alpena
  • Sherri Johnson of Ossineke
  • Kevin Reamer of Alpena
  • Misty Schaedig of Alpena
  • Mike Mischley of Alpena
  • Kelly Kraft of Lachine
  • Anna Lewis of Alpena
  • Sheila Zwolinski of Ossineke
  • Gary Schrader of Alpena
  • Anna Soik of Posen
  • Brad Nash of Alpena

The winner of the trip to LA to see the Grammys LIVE will be announced at the Grammy Party, Thursday, February 2nd beginning at 7pm at Sneakers inside the Alpena Holiday Inn.  You’re invited to come and cheer on the finalists!  There will be hors d’oeuvres and door prizes too!   The winner of the trip will receive the following:

Round trip coach class air transportation to Los Angeles from anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Two (2) nights world class hotel accommodations at The LA Live JW Marriott.  Bronze level category tickets to the GRAMMY® Awards. (Provided by CBS) Tickets to the official GRAMMY® After Party with live performances, cocktails, refreshments and food service. Breakfast daily at the hotel. Admission to the GRAMMY Museum at leisure. One (1) three-hundred dollar ($300) gift card per couple to apply towards airport transfers, lunch and dinners. All taxes related to accommodations and air transportation.

I want to go to the Grammys is sponsored by:

  • Crossroads Auto Plaza
  • Oscoda Power Sports
  • K and T Party Store
  • Profiles Plus Salon
  • Thunder Bay Area Credit Union
  • Huron Distributors
  • Cliff Anschuetz Chevrolet
  • Neimans Family Market
  • Skupin and Lucas

So come to 107.7 the Bay’s Grammy Games Party this Thursday at Sneakers in the Alpena Holiday Inn at 7:00 PM to enjoy a fun night of music games and entertainment…and be sure to watch the Grammys on WBKB 11.1 on February 12th from 8 until 11:30PM!

The “I Wanna go to the Grammys” Games Rules


  • You must be 21 to enter.
  • A total of 20 listeners would be chosen on-air on 107.7 The Bay and via our Bay Texting Club. 12 finalists will be chosen on-air  and 8 finalists will be chosen from Texting Club qualifiers.
    • On-air qualifying: Every day during the qualifying period, the Bay will feature one 2011 Grammy nominee to feature, which will be announced on the Darrel Kelly morning show and on our website, alpenanow.com. During the day, whenever a song by that Grammy nominee is played, the first caller to call in to say, “I Wanna go to the Grammys!” will automatically become a Grammy Games finalist.
    • Texting Club qualifiers: To qualify to get in a drawing to become one of 8 texting finalists, text 1077THEBAY, a space, and the word GRAMMY  to 49330.


  • Finalists will gather at Sneakers at the Holiday Inn on February 2, 2012 at 6:30 P.M. to take part in the multi-round “I Wanna go to the Grammys” Games. The player with the highest score at the end of the night will win a trip to the Grammys.
  • Round 1: It’s “Name that Grammy Tune!”
    • Finalists will congregate in chairs at the front of the venue (the “stage area”) and would each be given a game sheet.
    • 107.7 The Bay DJ’s will play TEN clips from Grammy-nominated songs or artists.
      • The clips will get harder as the round progresses. At first clips will be at normal speed, then faster, slower, or backwards, heightening the level of difficulty.
      • Finalists will be asked to list the name of the song and artist, giving each finalist the opportunity to score 2 points on each clip.
  • Round 2: It’s “Grammy Charades!”
    • Finalists will randomly be paired together and will decide who will act out the charades first and who will be the “guesser”.
    • Teams will be asked to act out the name of a Grammy-nominated song.
    • Each team of two will then get an opportunity to act out as many charades as they can in two minutes.
      • Once every pair has had their 2-minute round, they will switch “giver” and “receiver” and have another 2-minute round apiece.
    • For every song title the pair correctly guesses, each team member will get a point.
  • Round 3: “ Who am I?”
    • Twenty (20) sealed envelopes containing clues to the identities of Grammy-nominated artists will be offered to each finalist to choose from.
    • Each contestant will take turns selecting an envelope.
    • Each envelope will contain five clues to the identity of a Grammy-nominated artist. The object of the game will be to correctly identify the artist using the fewest number of clues.
      • If a finalist identifies the artist after the first clue, he or she gets 10 points.
      • 2 points will be deducted from the 10 available points for each additional clue the contestant must use to correctly identify the identity of their Grammy-nominated artist.
      • If the contestant cannot guess the identity of their Grammy-nominated artist after all five clues, they will not receive any points for the round.
  • Round 4: It’s the Baloney Toss!
    • We will use TNRN’s Baloney Toss board, taping pictures of Grammy-nominated artists by the various point values on the board. The artist’s number of Grammy nominations will correspond to the point values on the board (those with more nominations will be closer in on the board).
    • Each contestant will get 3 shots to score points on the board.

The finalist with the highest overall accumulated score will be the winner. If a tiebreaker is needed, we will have a 5-question Grammy trivia rou