Small fire breaks out at home of Alpena Sheriff

A small fire broke out Sunday, at the home of Alpena County Sheriff Steve Kielizewski.

City fire crews were called to Kieliszewski’s house on Second Avenue at approximately 11 a.m., after a fire broke out in the crawl space.  Firefighters had to remove a portion of siding from the house and open the wooden frame wall to put out a small pocket of fire.  There were no injuries and crews used a fan to ventilate smoke from the house.

Captain John Morrow said Kieliszewski was using a propane torch to thaw a frozen pipe in the crawl space when combustible material ignited where the pipe passed through the floor and exterior wall.

The sheriff put out the majority of the flames with a portable extinguisher before fire crews arrived.

Six firefighters responded to the incident and remained on scene for approximately one hour.