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Alpena Prosecutor wants out of Friend of Court duties

Submitted by on July 23, 2010 – 3:36 amNo Comment

Alpena County Prosecutor Ed Black has asked to be let out of a deal to cover Friend of the Court matters for Alpena and Montmorency counties. 

Less than a year ago Black agreed to handle Friend of the Court duties for which his office would be paid $28,000 from the local court management.  At that time, a private attorney was handling those matters.  Black said his office could handle the workload and save the county money at the same time.  In addition, he wanted to use some of the savings to purchase a computer software program for his office.

But Black now says the county is not saving as much money as he was first led to believe.  In addition, he has reduced the size of his staff and said the workload is building up.

Black said he could continue handling Friend of the Court matters for another year, but he would rather get out by the end of this year.  He did not provide the county’s finance committee Wednesday, with a detail of how much it will cost the county or the local court management to hire someone else to take over those duties.

The finance committee did not make a decision and instead forwarded Black’s request to the full board, which meets next Tuesday.