Public hearing on recycling surcharge

A public hearing is being held later this month, to allow residents of Alpena County an opportunity to comment on a proposed mandated surcharge to support recycling.

Each household would be charged an annual fee of $10, generating about $121,000.  The idea came to fruition after the Montmorency-Oscoda-Alpena Landfill Authority realized it could not make enough money to support recycling.  A group of township supervisors from Alpena County searched for a way to keep the recycling program running, and that idea is now supported by the city, the county and all townships.

The group is still in the preliminary stages of organizing itself.  A draft budget shows $207,000 is needed to make recycling work in the county.  The budget includes enough money to also support the transfer station on M-32 and a county-wide drop off day.  The surcharge that would be imposed on residents is just one source of revenue.

On July 13, at 6 p.m., residents have an opportunity to speak for or against the surcharge.  The public meeting is being held inside the Granum Theatre at Alpena Community College. 

Per State law, the surcharge can be imposed and does not require the vote of the people.