Ella White instigator violates parole

Jail booking photo of Martin from April 2009

The woman who assaulted a police officer at Ella White Elementary School in April 2009 is in trouble again.

Brenda Martin, 34, is on probation for harassing three kids on the school playground and for assaulting city police officer Lee Grant.  She was heavily intoxicated at the time and has a lengthy history of alcohol abuse. 

In August 2009, Martin received 60 days in jail for the Ella White episode, was ordered to complete an alcohol treatment program and placed on two years probation. 

She was recently picked up for a domestic violence incident in Alpena County which violated the terms of her probation.  Formal charges are pending.  It is not known if she was using alcohol at the time of the alleged incident.

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, in 2003 Martin spent nearly 5 years on probation after being charged for drunk driving – 3rd offense.