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Sunset‘s’ on elementary school for last time

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Calling all friends of Sunset School! Time to say ‘Goodbye!’


Remember the days when Del Beyer was principal at Sunset School? How about when Carol Boyer was school secretary, or when Carolyn Anderson was a teacher on staff? Does anyone remember Leonard Bromund in his classroom, or Jean Bartz as school custodian, or Midge Connon, Christy Jordan, or Carol Knowlton as teachers?

Those who are, or were, connected to Sunset are asked to bring those fond memories back to school Tuesday, for a final “walk-through” and reopening of the time capsule planted at the school several years ago. Set 6 to 8 p.m., the event is a chance to reconnect with old classmates, greet former teachers and principals, share refreshments, and look over old scrapbooks and memorabilia from Sunset’s 42-year life as one of Alpena Public Schools’ K-6 centers.

The event has been pulled together by former Sunset student Matt Adams, who “graduated” as a Sunset 6th grader in 1999-2000, went on to graduate from AHS in 2006, earned an associate degree in business in 2008, and is now in management training in a Cheboygan retail store. His parents remain in the community and Adams still feels a link to his old elementary school.

“Sunset represents seven years of my young life,” Adams says. “Those were good times. I had some great teachers, including Mr. Bromund. Mr. Beyer was principal when I started and Mr. (Brian) Bronson was principal when I left.  I remember a lot of learning there, a lot of fun.”

As part of the Tuesday night event, current Principal Tim Wedge will unearth a time capsule buried under the library while Adams was a Sunset student.  “We’ll look through it, and I’m encouraging any former students to bring pictures of themselves while they were at Sunset and pictures of themselves now, and we’ll put those back in the capsule and bury it for the last time,” Adams says.

Sixth graders will bring a “video yearbook” of the 2009-10 school year and put that on display in the gym while scrapbooks, trophies, plaques, and other evidence of earlier triumphs will be available for review in the library.

On the final day of school, staff traditionally form two lines through which march, for the final time, the 6th grade “grads” of Sunset. This year staff will form the lines, but all students will march between them, out to cars and buses, and as is the tradition, the staff will wave white hankies as the students take off for summer vacation. This year, says secretary Kristen Isaacs, the farewell will be especially poignant as students take off forever. And those hankies may this year be as useful as symbolic.