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Alpena man joins independent on gubernatorial ticket

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Thomas Matos of Alpena is the running mate of Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Mathia. They are running as independents of the Michigan Taxpayers Party.

An Alpena man who recently helped change City ordinance to allow the open carry of handguns is trying to become Michigan’s next Lt. Governor.

Thomas Matos has lived in Alpena for the past 4-years.  Recently he agreed to be the Lt. Governor candidate for Stacey Mathia who is running for Governor as an independent of the Michigan Taxpayers Party.  Mathia is from Bay City and met Matos at a Tea Party gathering in Alpena in 2009.

Matos is a Michigan native, a former Arkansas lawman, a veteran of the ARMY National Guard and a NRA instructor.  He is for a State hiring freeze, against the Michigan Business Tax and a strong supporter of law enforcement.  Matos also believes government should stop wasting money on programs that don’t work. 

“It also makes me grieve to see the mountain of taxpayer dollars being funneled into the plethora of wasteful State programs like mental health counseling for child molesters and rapists.” He said, noting his experience as a police officers with sex crime convicts.
Matos has been married for 16 years and has four children.  He will be giving a speech at the Tea Party Rally in Alpena next Thursday at 5 p.m., in front of Culligan Plaza.