The last word in astrology: 1/15/10
January 14, 2010 – 11:00 pm

CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Ernie Reyes Jr., 38; Chad Lowe, 42; Andrea Martin, 63; Margaret O’Brien, 73

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January 14, 2010 – 4:50 am

It’s a sad day…. the last day of Hotdog week :(

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Sports reports from teams in Michigan
January 14, 2010 – 4:47 am

Spartans cruise past Gophers; Tigers sign 1 year deal with Zumaya.

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International Olympic snowboarders descend on Gaylord
January 14, 2010 – 3:16 am

International Olympic snowboarding hopefuls continue to usher into Gaylord.

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APS could receive $370K through Race to the Top
January 14, 2010 – 3:15 am

There is still debate among Michigan schools on whether or not a new proposed federal program will be good for students.

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MI teachers union won’t back Race to the Top
January 14, 2010 – 3:12 am

It’s official: Michigan’s largest teachers union won’t endorse the state’s efforts to win up to $400 million for schools through the federal Race to the Top competition.

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Oscoda pulls funding for MOA recycling
January 14, 2010 – 3:08 am

Oscoda County Commissioners Tuesday, withdrew an earlier promise to help cover the cost of recycling for its townships.

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Stupak urges President to release home-heating funds
January 14, 2010 – 3:06 am

U.S. Congressman Bart Stupak has signed a letter to the President urging him to release emergency funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

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