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Poll: Tight race between Benishek & McDowell

Submitted by Phil Heimerl on October 25, 2010 – 6:02 am5 Comments

A new poll shows the major party candidates in a tight race to succeed U.S. Representative Bart Stupak, with an independent who could determine the outcome.
The Detroit Free Press poll released Monday shows Republican Dan Benishek with 42 percent, Democrat Gary McDowell 40 percent and independent Glenn Wilson 8 percent.  Ten percent are undecided.
Lansing-based EPIC-MRA interviewed 400 likely 1st District voters by phone October 17-18.  The results have a margin of sampling error of 4.9 percentage points up or down.
Stupak is retiring after serving 18 years in congress.
Benishek is a tea party-backed surgeon from Iron Mountain, McDowell is a state representative from Rudyard, and Wilson is a software engineer from Rose City.

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Comment by cygnus
2010-10-25 10:31:51

I wonder how many points the deceitful and negative ads the Dems are running against Benishek are worth. I sure wouldn’t vote for a health-care jamming down my throat Democrat……………


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Comment by cygnus
2010-10-25 10:57:40

Anyone wants to see the lies behind the ads slamming Benishek’s support for the fair tax can google “fair tax” and learn what the Dem’s AREN’T saying in the ad and how they are lying.


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Comment by BettyShemanski
2010-10-25 12:04:06

Benishek is definitely a lot cute’r looking for sure! I bet he also holds Christian values! Something that “People like me” vote completely on! Praise Jesus!

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2010-10-25 14:49:54

Several posts have had to be removed for violating our Terms of Use. Please note that this article isn’t about another poster and comments which attack other posters will be removed.


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Comment by cygnus
2010-10-25 15:09:39

Thanks for clearing that up, staff.

Be sure that I’ll not mock other’s values or beliefs………….

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