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Alpena man Shipp‘ed’ off to prison on drug charges

Submitted by Phil Heimerl on September 8, 2010 – 3:34 am6 Comments

Another member of an alleged small heroin ring operating in Alpena is headed to prison.

Justin Shipp, 23, was sentenced Tuesday, to 23 months to 20 years in prison, on charges of delivery of heroin and maintaining a drug house.  Shipp joins two other defendants who are already serving time in prison and were part of the same group selling drugs

Judge Michael Mack went against a Michigan Department of Corrections recommendation that Shipp spend time in jail.  Mack said the stiffer sentence was warranted because of Shipp’s criminal drug history and because of the problems he has caused while being held at the Alpena County Jail.

Shipp and the other two men were arrested in August, 2009, following an investigation by the Huron Undercover Narcotics Team (HUNT).

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Comment by Squat
2010-09-08 07:27:18

His past is what did it. He had well over 30 felonies before he turnd 18.

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Comment by yourwrong
2010-09-08 07:42:26

Mack gets another loser off the streets of Alpena. Good Job!
hope he messes up in prison so he stays there for a while.

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Comment by getta clue
2010-09-08 10:24:04

If it took 30 felonies before he got any real prison time, I’d say our legal system sucks. That’s a lot of felonies!
Wonder if he ever took a gun to school when he was a kid?

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Comment by Squat
2010-09-08 12:20:34

They only punish MIP’s here. They wait it out till they hit the adult system… Way to go judge!

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Comment by ivoted4obama
2010-09-08 17:12:15

Jackson 55days Bootcamp84days Just maybe a couple months he’ll have to serve b4 bootcamp but the truth is once he enters the department of corrections they’ll be pushing him so fast to bootcamp he’ll be home way b4 the snow melts!Dont put false things on here about someone unless YOU kno the facts! 30 felonies b4 18 please wake up ur dreamin!!

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Comment by shooter1978
2010-09-26 00:22:49

Justin keep your head high,and mouth shut,Now heres an Alpena man who owens up to his charge and eats it instead of snitching like so,so many other Alpena people.In Alpena there are three things people do wich follow;Doing drugs,selling drugs,or the two first along with snitching.And the problem as a whole is caused by the H.U.N.T. Team.The H.U.N.T. Team allows the biggest dealers to remain on the street by snitching,yet they bust the working man for a joint.Because he’s a stand up guy who won’t destroy his buddies life by snitching,cause he sold him a joint.This is the people H.U.N.T. Team nails to a cross.The good people of Alpena take action and remove the cancer know as H.U.N.T. you are the tax payers who fund this abuse of power,remove the tummor and get rid of the cancer.Contact me at;brandongrabow@rocketmail.com I’M NOT SCARED.

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