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3 men arrested for beating Mackinac Island man with bat

Submitted by Phil Heimerl on July 13, 2010 – 9:28 am3 Comments

Three men have been arrested for beating a Mackinac Island man with a baseball bat.

While on foot patrol early Tuesday morning, a State Police Trooper from St. Ignace heard screams coming from a nearby apartment and saw 3 black males running with a baseball bat.  The trooper was able to stop two of the men but the third, carrying the bat, got away.   

The two suspects, from the Detroit metro area, told police they entered the apartment to get money owed to them.  They admitted to beating the victim with a baseball bat and taking close to $300 from him and his girlfriend.  They also identified the third suspect who is from Illinois.

The third suspect was located and taken into custody about 5 hours later.

All three men are facing charges of armed robbery and home invasion first degree. 

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Comment by Squat
2010-07-13 10:59:34

Drug deal gone bad! Lock em up!

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Comment by 12inchswordfish
2010-07-13 11:40:06

Gotta love it 300 friggin’ dollars.. But then again.. thats more than 60 hours of working the average paying job around here..If you can find work..

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Comment by gettinold
2010-07-14 06:10:41

It takes a pretty tough cop to chase after 3 three men armed with a weapon. It takes an even tougher cop to catch two of them. Good work MSP trooper.

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